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Out of the blue, in just two days, Ana went from perfect health, to total crisis and hospitalization. In lightening succession her symptoms moved from bruising to bleeding gums to extreme fatigue followed by incapacitating headaches, and finally culminating with high fever. In precarious shape, Ana was immediately put in ICU where she was eventually… More


How can you make sense of this? Alice, sitting alone on a hospital bed - in a plain white hospital gown, poised, elegant, beautiful and waiting - for her chemotherapy treatment. It doesn't seem right, a sweet twelve-year-old girl and this cruel relapse of leukemia. One of twelve children, Alice and her sister have made their way here to the… More

Fredesrinda and her daughter, Juana


Fredesrinda has lung cancer.  Life has not been easy since her diagnosis.  In fact, like so many in Paraguay, it never has been particularly easy.  Fifty-four years old, she lives with her 74-year-old husband, their four sons and one daughter in eastern Paraguay.  Fredesrinda's husband earns only a few dollars a day as a… More